There is a lot of talk among our Gays’ communities that seems to indicate taking the Gay relationship a step further into marriage. Surprisingly, there seem to be more Gays in public view, than one would have expected. What has changed since Gay rights were recognized as being acceptable, in the various countries in the world?

Can we now define the term ‘marriage’ in a Gay relationship? The Institution of Marriage has survived thousands of years. Are we going to be the first generation to compromise the sanctity and integrity of this word, marriage? How long has this institution been in existence? Virtually, from the beginning of recorded history.

If I go back to the beginning, the sacred books present marriage as divinely inspired. “In this instance, we must obey God rather than men… (Acts 5:29)”, when it comes to the institution of marriage, the creation of women, and marriage as a sacred contract. It is not only the Old Testament, but also the teaching of Jesus and Paul from the New Testament. Now we are being asked to consider the Gay relationship, which is a relationship of similar sexes, which includes bisexual conference, and may also include group sex, and call it a ‘marriage’. What about children, can two equal genders make a child? Not unless adoption is possible.

 So there is a reason to say,” not the term ‘marriage’; let us consider something else.”

The second problem is where are all the Gays coming from? Research shows that the homosexual tendency can be a generic problem, but in the region of 2% of population. Other people may have had influence from a psychiatric cause:  The effect or lack thereof, of parental example, peer pressure, confusion brought about by the influence of drugs, alcohol, cannabis and heroin.  Of course we have to consider that ‘having a good time’ is a strong possibility. Whenever there is a new ‘Thing” there will always be those who try it out for ‘kicks’ or ‘style’. Can some of this be related to the influx of ‘new’ Gays? There are more Gays, significant enough to consider this possibility.

A person who is a real Gay, can he (or she) be in the robbery, arson, and murder business because they are homosexual? I do not think it plausible, that crimes of violence are a function of gender relationships; science has yet to make that conclusion.

So I conclude the concept of a gay relationship, being called married, may be sought and easily thrown away in time, if some of the ‘kicks’ go away. I think that the term “marriage” should apply to conjugal relations only, and Gay Relations “Civil Unions”.

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One Comment on “SHOULD GAYS MARRY?”

  1. Ramesh Sujanani
    July 1, 2014 at 10:53 pm #

    Good. to Go, but needs Updating

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