“One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen, can change the world.” In an address to the UN General Assembly, this young lady Malala barely sixteen years of age is confronting the Taliban in Pakistan who attempted to shoot her to death two years ago, with a strident defiance in her voice.

Two years ago, the Taliban tried to murder her, on the way home from school, because she was attending school, and that perseverance and courage will stand  against a world of miscreants.

The UN General Assembly hailed Malala Yousafzai as their ‘hero’: “They thought a bullet would silence her, but they failed after nine months and many surgical interventions.” The Taliban sent a gunman last October, and they made a point: to kill the girl of fifteen, and curtail her fight for women’s education.

 They thought the bullet would silence the call for female education in Pakistan and other Muslim Communities, but they failed. I think Divine Providence pointed the way to the entire world; for who can survive nine surgical operations in six months unassisted? She has a fitted titanium plate on the side of her head, and cochlear implant to restore hearing

At the UN Assembly, she remarks: “The extremists are afraid of books and pens, and the power of education frightens them: As well as the power of a woman’s voice.”  Indeed, for on her head she wears a white shawl of Benazir Bhutto, another woman who defied the rule of extremism.

Then she gave an opposing interpretation of Islam to the Taliban’s.: “They think that God is a tiny, conservative little being who would send girls to hell because of going to school. Islam and our Pathan society demands peace, humanity, and brotherhood. It is each child’s duty to their family and community to get an education.” About four million signatures remain on file supporting education for children around the world who do not go to school.

Yet in our Country, Jamaica, the gangsters and gunmen wait on our girl-children outside the school rooms and classes, to fill their head with nonsense, molest and abuse them, and eventually rape and murder them, and we the people stand aside with our hands folded on our chest to take those insults.

I notice that improvements are being made, but can we wait ten years for a satisfactory conclusion to our child’s education? When we had more crime than we have to-day (well it is about the same), men would go out on the street in home guard and vigilante groups to see their families at home in safety.

What is wrong if unoccupied men and women perform the duties of a child guard in the course of a day at school, in those schools which have no other security? Probably this is an idea whose time has come.

There are too many Government ministers and officials, who have their gang leaders in their back pocket, and suborn money from the revenue. We have to earn what we pay to support our children’s welfare. Is that not so, Mr. Peter Bunting, minister of national security?


(526 words, 11/07/2013)




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