There is clearly much controversy about the Goat Island Logistics Project, that I am not sure we have cooked curried goat, or just plain stew. The former would be a reason to rejoice, the latter a disappointment.

Years ago the Caterpillar Company of the USA had an advertisement in a magazine, probably TIME. It was illustrating that earth-moving equipment in a given development, will cause environmental damage, by relocating brush, stones, rocks, and water flow, in the course of work. Then it pointed out that such developments employed many persons, so it became a question of environment, or jobs. Then the Company elucidated the slogan: “There are no simple solutions, just intelligent compromises.”

To capture the phrase we need to make some compromises to development and to the environment. If we can’t have both of everything, can we not look up options? With respect to Goat Island we need to find a formula.

There is also something else: What about the Chinese Investor? We need to identify their goals, or their expectations, and ask assurances that they will assist us in coming to a decision as to what must be included and what has to be sacrificed. After all a solution needs Funds, they are providing the money, and we are providing the property, so this calls for a meeting of the minds.

Two other factors bother me at this juncture: One, is the property ours to deal with? The British leased all real estate to the Americans for involvement in World War ll. Is this property included in this arrangement? If so, then we need to negotiate with the respective owners, which may get politically confusing. I must credit the writer whose article I read and was suitably informed.

Two, we already have to deal with an environmental nightmare in the LNG plant installation. If it is going to be at Goat Island, then this is already an environmental problem! From the LNG generator, we can expect poisonous gasses, Carbon Dioxide and Methane, Sulphur and Nitrogen Oxides; there would be storage problems, but we expect to store in barges unless Goat Island has any caves.

Then we need to identify negotiating strategy, and negotiating persons who will approach the matter with confidence, and have support from Environmental Experts, and Power engineers. We would be helped if we locate these persons early, say at this juncture. Then we call and complete discussions with the Chinese operators.

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