Sunday Roundup

Obama I have always considered a decent human being. There was nothing he started to provke the Syrian war. It was summarily ‘dumped’ on his lap; I am not sure what he could do, He was already prepped by Putin
to stand off when he made the remark about ‘weapons of Mass Destruction”, and this was the cause of Anemia if any existed. Now he is between a rock and a hard place, uncertain what to do, undecided and quite rightly so. On the one hand, bombing Assad will kill many innocent lives; not bombing will give Assad a carte blanche to kill more person with all the chemicals they bought earlier in the year, from Britain. These days scotch whisky runs in the veins of England, not blood. How else would you fail to support a friend when you are part of the problem? Then Putin keeps on clamoring that the Americans are misleading the people of the world that there are chemical weapons. Putin demanded proof; the French scientists claim there is adequate proof for a number of Chemical weapons .Kerry points out the same, and is paralyzed by Putin’s Comments. Clearly, the end is near, and I suggest Obama go in (in spite of his anemia) and demolish Assad and his cohorts. Ignore Putin, (hopefully the Almighty will send the next meteor to his abode.). What can he do,, start a nuclear war?
The first country to be annihilated will be Russia.
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