Does It Matter That Atheists Are Smarter Than Believers?

A blog on Huffington Post NYC, whether ” Aetheists are smarter than believers.”.

Does It Matter That Atheists Are Smarter Than Believers?.

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Ramesh Sujanani
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10:21 PM on 08/16/2013
This represents current thinking on religion and God. I have tried to say that worship is a matter of faith. Faith? So let me start with with myself; I have had to pray for help, and help has come, and not only material help, but courage.. Yet I am not Christian, and I am not agnostic.When I look back at my education, most of my intelligence have come from teachers, and many of them were Jesuits, and men of God. When I look at my country of birth almost the entire population, prays for mercy and help.Then to whom are we praying? One cannot pray without sacrifice, even I know that! How many of you know this? Very few I bet! When I look back in time almost all the great thinkers in history, including scientists, were God fearing persons. So where is the data that supports your conclusion? Billions of people have prayed; I do not know who or what they prayed to or prayed for, and I would not be privileged to know. Many persons hold in their minds and heart their relations with Divine Providence. They pray to God, and this prayer serves them with courage and inspiration. I understand an Irish Scientist has predicted that by 2041 God will not exist. What nonsense! He must be God to know the future, by 30 years..

2 Comments on “Does It Matter That Atheists Are Smarter Than Believers?”

  1. Luis Miguel
    October 17, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    Excellent article. Often times, people ignore the fact that the many great men who have contributed to our vast bank of scientific and cultural knowledge were themselves men of God. Why? Because what they achieved, they were able to achieve through divine inspiration. God possesses all truth, including the truths of science. His influence allows us to make discoveries in all fields.

    • ramesh7777
      December 2, 2013 at 11:13 pm #


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