Sunday Roundup (Gun Violence)

So, to continue, many suggestions have been made to tackle Gun violence, but the response to the issue is: This situation will no longer occur; the Govt is to blame for allowing G.V. to get out of control, insufficient background checks, necessary health opinions from professionals, inadequate law enforcement.
This will not solve the problem, another more complete solution,besides increasing background checks, etc. seem to be needed.
I suggest let the regulation be imposed on a trial and error basis, then we can see what seems to work, and then consider a solution. Perhaps this is already in place, but we have not seen any results. I would refrain from solutions that are vague, improbable, like “Poverty of the Soul”, whatever that means, and deal in a pragmatic approach. I would disallow the business of the NRA, and bring into effect a new Govt/Church managed/Private Sector policy, where all sales of guns have to be authorized by a Quasi-Government Agency, or extend this duty to another guaranteed contractor.of the Govt. Perhaps there are many security agencies of Government able to supply that service, with selected persons, including ATF, FBI, NSA, CIA and so on. This could be started in some states, and then continued if successful. In my opinion, the NRA has a disregard for possible solutions, for whatever reasons, and cannot command the sales of guns, bullets and similar methods of (mass?) destruction. Get rid of the NRA they are a major obstacle.
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