Sunday Roundup (Cain and Abel)

Let me first deal with the superfluous comments. I do not know why Cain killed Abel, do you? If so please respond appropriately. Poverty of the soul ? The soul in my religion is the part of the Great Soul, the almighty God; assuming you believe. The soul is not material that can become impoverished, though it might be subject to human feelings. So unless you define poverty of the soul, I would not know what you mean. I have read about Time Machines (H. G. Wells), and Pandora’s Box (Greek Mythology), so what you are say is simply rhetoric. Perhaps the most positive comment you made is that we must limit Gun Violence. But why not disband the NRA? They are a declared non-profit organization, making a lot of profit. So the basis of their enterprise
is defying legality. I suppose you are telling me they are too big to take on. Are you saying bigger than the power of the Government of the United States? Cancel their license, audit their books in which they have profits to pay out. They have benefited by the Gun Violence, caused immeasurable damage to the lives of innocent people. And Mr. Obama should not seem weak and hesitate; he should take the bull by the horns and face those racists.
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