WATCH: Why I Think Nonprofits Should Act More Like Businesses

I will make a comment slightly off the beaten track. This matter of gun crimes provoked me to do further research in this subject, and I received a lot of resistance from commentators, who seemed to be defending the Second Amendment, and the position of the NRA. NRA is probably the largest representative of the gun trade, and it is registered as a non-profit organization. Yet I am reliably informed they have made substantial profits over the years, and this year in recess seems the best of many years. Yet this year we have seen the most of gun crimes again women and children in schools. Up to now, it is only the Taliban that have tried to dissuade children from school using threats and murder. I gather NRA is competing for the first prize, but their formation rules do not permit profit in gun dealing. Is it time for the AG to consider the malicious intents of the NRA?
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