Are You Living Your Eulogy or Your Résumé?

The above is a soul-searching article, and in comparing to your life to your resume, or your eulogy, there is no comparison. For who knows the secrets of your heart, and the fantasies of your mind, and the truth that was you? No one but yourself.! Your resume might say that your acquired a Bachelor’s degree in University, and your eulogy might recite that you were a budding engineer with a desire to fix the world, but it is only you that remembers it was all done in an evening syllabus over six years; you were blinded by rain some nights as you took the bus home; how you met your friends who you will never see again, and how you were kind and happy with each other as you lived. The nitty-gritty of daily life will just be water under the bridge., and all your various teachers with whom you argued the obstinate hypothesis, will ever be remembered in shape or form as you would remember! Neither the simplicity and ambition of co-workers, and how your lives crossed, indeed how one became your wife. I remember seeing the movie “Cyrano de Bergerac” where Cyrano says,'” I carry my adornments on my soul, decked with deeds instead of ribbons, and crowned with the white plume of freedom”. You will return to God for your ultimate destination.
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