There has been a great deal of female support concerns this year. So many freedoms are given to the fair sex, in lifestyle, in human rights, in sexual allowances, that I am beginning to wonder whether men have any rights left. There are Go-Go clubs for women these days, as well, and should you be lesbian there is  (LBQT) bisexuality permitted.  Is nothing sacred anymore?

So, wracking my brain I mused, well, what is it that men should say they had virtually a prerogative: Sports?  But women play all the sports that men play, including soccer, baseball, and cricket. Careers? There is a woman at the head of the largest Bank in the Nation, among other superior positions.

There are women in Public Service, from the Prime Minister all the way down the ladder; they are also regarded in the medical field; and I am star-struck by my cardiologist, and my pulmonologist, both of whom examine my chest quite often. (I do not believe they will let me see theirs.). There is a female in charge of communication at Flow, and one at the head of our Power Company.

So I was searching my mind when I walked out in a sweltering, sun-filled shopping mall, in the middle of summer (recently). I had to jump back when a mature woman driver almost ended my life’s work.  Looking into the darkened, shaded SUV, I got a glimpse of a lady talking heatedly into a cellular phone. Whether friend or foe, I had no idea who could be at the other end of the phone: Most likely the husband.

She looked around for a parking position which she eventually found near the bank. Then, she had to reverse into the parking spot. With a lot of fuming and fretting, getting into the spot first left, then right, she almost made it barely touching the car on the left. Then she righted herself, and left the two cars in a huff. Yes, I think she was still cradling the phone around her neck, whether live or not, I am not sure; but I would believe it is the former. She had a few words with security, who all this time was trying to direct her movements, and receiving no attention:  Apparently, he said at her departure “Missis, what about the other car? That driver is going to have a hard time coming out!”

Then I concluded something: Though women drive all manners of cars, they do not know how to reverse properly. They frequently have to call a man to do the job. After debating whether this was deliberate strategy, I thought not, but simply a function of being rambunctious.

But then, I was satisfied, for I had found  one plausible answer to my question.


  1. macy's
    December 13, 2013 at 3:59 pm #

    Deference to article author, some wonderful selective information.

    • ramesh7777
      February 27, 2014 at 12:46 am #

      Hi There, Thanks for reading my article; I have two or three amusing stories, and frequently think of others, but you are one of the few that has commented on the article, ‘Forward in Reverse’. I like it, because I am amused, and I will write others. Regards, Ramesh

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