This week the world saw the power of a single image — that of the lifeless body of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi lying face-down in the sand on a Turkish beach. The boy drowned, along with his brother and mother, trying to reach Europe from Syria. The heartbreaking image crystallized the growing refugee crisis, and personified the more than 2,600 people who have died this year trying to reach Europe by sea.

Many are coming from Syria, where civil war has killed over 250,000 and displaced 11 million. As debate raged in the media about running the horrific photo, there was no argument about whether Europe and the rest of the West could be doing more to alleviate the horrific suffering. Already David Cameron has announced the U.K. will take in more refugees. But the image was a moral challenge to us all. As a tribute in an Australian paper read: “Rest in peace Aylan Kurdi. May God forgive us for failing you.

The abandoned  corpse of a young child on a beach is much too disturbing to accept. It projects the thoughts of his friends and neighbours and their dismay; It elucidates the crisis of Syria, one of the oldest Kingdoms in the world, and it brings to us all the costs of terror; a word which should have no significance in to-day’s civilization. Or are we to say brings no change in the fruits of civilization?

Old and new civilized persons go from doom to destruction; from God to GODLESS, and I regret to say, no end is evident. Where are the answers?

The seventh angel looked around in vain for someone to release the bonds of heaven,”But there was no one, fit and able to remove the chains, able to do the job of rescue, in Heaven or under the sheets of Heaven, capable of doing the job.”

To-day’s Gleaner has many interesting features from the Bible Regarding the days to come, and the prophets that are yet to deliver  their teaching of the wise men of olden faith; but much of it is ill-informed, it is just a misinterpretation of truth that searches for light. There are explanations galore; but where are the authors of explanations that we may ask “What really happened here? I mean 2000 years ago.”

150 Years ago Gandhi theorised: God is Truth; yet the truth is always God.’ Then the points are made; 1. Is it your truth or mine? If mine is real, where did yours come from? Why should you teach what is my Gospel? The realization not crystallized, is the fact that there is just one truth, and it is the same that everyone shares; so why would we deny each other’s vision?

So the question may be asked: “who are you? Are you as Jamaican as I? What makes you be what you are, different? Is that true or exaggerated? It it the promise of a new to-morrow, which in my opinion among races is irrelevant, as we are all the same?

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in a petty pace from day to day, through countless syllables of recorded time, and are seen no more; and all our yesterdays have brought us a common dusty death.

Out, Out, brief candle, life is like a walking shadow, that struts and frets its last hours away, and is seen no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,  signifying nothing.”

(582 words)

© Ramesh Sujanani

October 2015

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