Marijuana, Jamaica and Youth


At this time it is illegal to trade, store, and consume in public, as Jamaica has found it to be harmful to the health and welfare of persons. In the United States, especially the States of California and Colorado, it is grown just as easily, but in their situation, there is some doubt as to its damaging effect on users, and a fact that dealing in medical marijuana is lucrative. Medical Marijuana is said to be a refined version of the original.

Alcohol usage twice a week showed deterioration of white cell tissue, in Colorado according to one neuroscientist, where there was no deterioration by the use of marijuana. The research was conducted with periodic brain scans at rest, but no consideration was given at that time to the adolescent in ‘activities’; this would be a second phase of the study.

We actually were told that derivative medicinal drugs have shown results in efficacy in application; that is Cannasol, for the treatment of glaucoma, and asmasol for the treatment of Asthma. There are other beneficial effects, relaxation, anti-anxiety, and anti-nausea, among others, in general as useful.

But can this position be without question? We have been given numerous warnings about the deleterious effects of Cannabis over the years. We have been told over again, from researchers in Jamaica and the USA, that the active ingredients in Cannabis, THC, and cannabinoids, have been shown to be harmful to the user, as well as many of the other thousand ingredients that are in Marijuana. The functions of these other ingredients, and those in combination, are being researched at this time.

Concurrently, further research in Colorado shows that Marijuana is thought not as detrimental as before. Various states in the USA Colorado, California. and Washington State, have decided to take the financial benefits of the sale of Ganja, and authorized the distribution of ‘Medical Marijuana’, in small amounts from authorized medicinal marijuana shops which have been licensed by the state.  But the Federal Government has still not removed the stigma of illegality from this Addictive drug, and has not approved the transportation and sales of this item throughout the USA, so it still an illegal drug there in terms of Federal Regulations..

The California Police Chiefs Association says: “Legal proponents have to confirm how society will be enhanced, and how the social problems of our country will be improved by legalizing another product that compromises people’s five senses.” Addiction Specialists say where marijuana is legalized, teenagers will believe the drug is harmless and use it more often. There are 700 dispensaries in Colorado alone, dispensaries and online.

Yet another study (Feb 2012) identifies the harmful effects of marijuana, and points out why contradictory results may be obtained from other reports. New research shows the ‘adolescence’ period is crucial to “brain development” and marijuana can permanently damage the teen-age brain. “It is ironic that at this time marijuana’s use is increases, when science finds out about extensive brain toxicity in early youth.”  Says Dr Chris Thurstone, who runs the  substance abuse program at Denver Health. ”There is no debate in the scientific community; It is physically and mentally addictive.” What has been found is that a bi-directional relationship exists between the brain and marijuana. For, example using marijuana at an age of  sixteen, results in psychosis (severe mental derangement) at the age of nineteen.

As is seen in Jamaica, Ganja use is supplied from the street: this is one factor that would cause concern, and we cannot rationalize on behavior when we do not know of the consequences. We have to consider whether we can control distribution of medicinal Ganja.  Ganja is one drug being frequently abused, by teens who are dropping out of life; they are doing badly in school or leaving. They leave their family, their friends, their sports to smoke ganja all day, all the time. As parents, we must take the initiative, and stop this distressing trend.

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