The Discrimination of Islam

‘Salaam Alaikum,’ (peace be with you), is the greeting of an Arabic Muslim, just as the Jew might say, ‘Shalom ’ or the Hindu say ‘Om, Shanti, Shanti’ the traditional greeting of peace is similar among many persons and people, almost four and a half billion in number. Christianity’s greeting is also ‘peace’ , but they exchanged a kiss of peace.

At this time there is conflict all over the middle east, ostensibly because it seems western persons have degraded the vision of Mohammad as a character of ill-repute, a description which is far from the truth, for he was until the time of war and his death in 632, a humble, faithful servant of God, a pious prophet and a messenger of faith.

In his last years Mohammed solidified his military position, which had become a problem in the last ten years of his life. Following the conquest of Mecca in 630 he no longer needed to make alliances with pagan communities in order for his community of believers to succeed. Then, the Arab tribes wanted to become part of his group, and once they accepted his concept of God and contributed support as a token of their commitment, he would accept them among his followers. Now Islam would grow in size and complexity, spreading from Western Arabia as far as Yemen to the south today totaling 1.5 billion persons, including parts of India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

The interpretation of the Koran, Islam’s holy book, said to be written by Mohammed, for years was passed on by memory from scholar to scholar. The book we know as the Koran (Qur’an) did not come from one source, as various scribes had taken dictation from Mohammed, and some other servants had committed the rest to memory. So much of it is recalled from memory.

Mohammed died in 632, and many of his associates who had kept the memories, died in the battle for Medina thereafter. From the start, the emperor Constantine from his city Constantinople attempted a Holy Roman Empire to manage Christians of all backgrounds, but this was not possible due to the traffic of migrants, pagans, Jews, and Samaritans who resisted Christianity; and that plan was not feasible. So smaller states with different religious versions sprung up within the Empire.

Mohammed descended from Bedouins, and this Nomadic Life at time was harsh in the desert. and was as referred to “The Time of Ignorance”. As the land was barren, life centered on trade with numerous caravans going to India, Persia, China, and Constantinople. A furious Capitalism developed among the Nomads, but their worship was centered about the statuettes of Jesus, Abraham and Mary, among hundreds of other idols.

Mohammed was orphaned at six years having lost both parents in early life; and he became the ward of his Uncle a caravan owner, so he escaped being a slave. He married “Kadija” and they had six children and maintained a business which kept him affluent. He did an exhaustive search of all major religions, and he was conscious that his tribe followed no religion. But there was one God who they kept in silent reverence called al-Lah, which means the “same God worshipped by the Jews and the Christians”.

Then his life’s work began at age 40, and describes how he wrote the Koran, was visited and advised by the Angel Gabriel twenty three times, who gave him twenty-three revelations, and his community then worshipped one God,  Allah, the God of the Jews and Christians.  The Arabic language, in which the Koran (meaning the Recitation) is written, is very close to Biblical Hebrew, which was the language of Judaism.

In his Ministry thereafter, Mohammed the Messenger proposed the fundamental rules of Islam, originating with his first meeting and  revelation from the Angel Gabriel who appeared to him in a cave and said: “Recite in the name of your Lord God, who created from an Embryo the human being; recite for your Lord is all giving, who taught by the pen, the human that which he did know before; The human being is a tyrant, he thinks his possessions make him secure, but to the Lord,  it is the surrender of all material wealth.” (Koran)

Mohammed never thought he was creating a new religion, he never sought power, nor took advantage of his prominence in his community: (“I am just a messenger, and a herald of glad tidings to people that will believe”) (Koran)  (“But if they turn away from you O prophet, remember your only duty is a clear delivery of the message entrusted to you.”) Koran.  (“There is se recent Islamic riots in my opinion then, seem to be organized by militants, not by the ordinary Muslims,  to achieve their own nefarious ends, on or about the anniversary of September eleven: The date of the recognition of terrorism as a unique form of intimidation.

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